5 Tips to Preserve Your Wooded Lot

(from Article by J & A Ford Tree Care, Inc. Guidelines for Tree Preservation)

1) A tree’s root system extends 2-3 times beyond the canopy of the tree. However, it is the roots directly under the canopy, that is, within the dripline of the tree, that must be preserved.

2) Adding or removing more than three inches of soil under the canopy compacts the soil and greatly reduces the air and water pores essential to the survival of the tree roots.

3) Driving heavy equipment across the root system also compacts the soil and causes tree mortality. If this is unavoidable, place 6”-12” of mulch over the root system of the tree.

4) Equipment or vehicles should not be parked under the trees, nor should building materials be stored under these trees. Harmful chemicals, such as excess paint or cleaners, should also be kept away from the root system.

5) Specimen Trees should have a barrier, such as a snowfence, placed around the dripline. Before construction starts, these trees should be put in optimal health with fertilization and by pruning away all dead or crossing branches.