Trent Schrock

Trent Schrock

Owner, Paragon Landscape

From a young age, I knew I wanted to work with nature. That passion continued through high school and guided me through college. But as graduation approached, something shifted. I felt called to social work and I was torn between a love of landscaping and a desire to make a difference.

For a few years I pursued that calling. While working with nonprofit organizations around the country, I saw young people struggling to overcome adversity and cut off from opportunities to build character and skills. I also realized that for me, counseling came easiest when it wasn’t scheduled or scripted. If wanted to lift people up, I needed to do it alongside something I already loved – like landscaping. That idea planted a seed that grew to become Paragon Landscape.

Over the years, Paragon has mentored employees navigating the transition between youth and adulthood. For them, landscaping offers a unique sense of accomplishment. Every day, using only their hands and a few tools, they transform something rough and tangled into something beautiful. They see the power patience, persistence and hard work – and they build character and confidence that they carry with them for life.

You can see the same principles at work in our customer relationships. We live by the Golden Rule and we go out of our way to offer help and answer questions. We see landscaping as a way to celebrate the beauty of God’s creation, and we want our customers to be part of that celebration. We’re proud of our knowledge and expertise, but we know it means little without compassionate, personal service.

Nearly two decades ago, I had a vision for building an organization that could lift people up and change their perspective. You can still see those values alive in every project we undertake. While you’re watching your landscape come to life, we’re creating something beautiful through inspiration and hard work. It’s a thrilling process for everyone – and it’s a joy we love sharing with customers.


Our process starts by listening. Whether you have specific ideas or want a little landscape TLC, you lead the way. Our free quotes come with a set price and optional line items, so there are no hidden surprises. Tell us what you want, and we’ll track your preferences in a personal file that we keep for as long as you’re a customer.

With a plan in mind, we finish the job in full force. Customers tell us that it’s exciting to watch our team in action. We find ways to make work fun and keep crewmembers focused. We give frequent project updates, offer hands-on care instructions, and customize maintenance plans down to the last detail – even setting the time of day we arrive to mow.

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