Budget Billing
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Are you frustrated by varying costs throughout the year? Sky-rocket costs one month, close to nothing the next month? Do you fear that there will be a big payment sometime during the year that you weren’t expecting? Are there times of the year that you have less room in your budget? With Budget Billing, instead of making all your expenses due at the time services are rendered, it allows you to pay incrementally throughout the year so that it fits well with your budget.

Example of a customer’s yearly landscape expenses:

Budget Billing

Most of your landscape expenses are accrued during only half of the year when re-mulching, lawn fertilization, trimming and mowing occur. During the other half of the year, in the Winter months, expenses are minimal, involving only snow removal and perhaps some Winter Displays or the Vibrant Winter Package. It can be a strain on your budget to pay the majority of your expenses during a fraction of the year. With Budget Billing, you can customize the allocation of your landscaping payments throughout the span of 12 months. This offers you the chance to plan your budget around a set payment.

Budget Billing:
(12 Payment Plan)

Budget Billing -12 Payment Plan

For example, most customers accrue 70% of their costs during only four months of the year, while the other 30% is spread out over the other eight months. With Budget Billing (see above graph), you could spread that 70% out over the other 8 months as well and only end up paying 8.3% of the entire yearly expenses per month. Or you could choose to allocate your expenses into four bigger payments of 25% each, payable at times of the year when you have more room in your budget. We want to make your payments as convenient as possible for you.

Budget Billing:

  • Incremental payments
  • Consistent costs
  • No interest

Budget Billing Table

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