Congratulations on your new Annual Flowers!!!

Annual flower n. Flowers that have to be planted every year, because they are not suited to the cold weather. –also called “annual”

Now that you’ve invested the money for the installation of your annuals, here are some tips for you to enhance the beauty of your plants:


  • Rule of Thumb:
    – annuals in ground, water once every 2 or 3 days
    – annuals in pots, water everyday
  • Water plants on the root zone rather than on the foliage; in other words, hold watering wand below the leaves
  • As you become more familiar with your annuals, you will notice that after some time, the plants will begin to wilt and turn a gray, dull color. This is the ideal time to water. These signs can replace the Rule of Thumb above.

CAUTION: Do NOT let the plant stay wilted. This will damage flower production, and the exquisite color of the flowers is what your annuals are all about!!


With your annuals, Paragon has already placed a slow-release fertilizer that will help your plants bloom for the next 5 months. However, you will see a greater increase in flower production if you

  • Water once a week with fertilizer

NOTE: Paragon prefers Bloom Boost, but any fertilization product that you get at your local garden center, hardware store or nursery will work. Simply ask for a bloom-enhancing fertilizer. Some examples are Miracle Grow, Scotts, and Fertilome.


  • Pinch off the dead flower heads after they are finished flowering

NOTE: This is not critical to the success of the plant, especially for Impatiens and Petunias. However, it will increase flowering, as well as make the plant look neater. (For customers who request our service, we do this once a week.)

  • Pinch off all dead, yellow, or sick-looking leaves where the leaf meets the stem

(Rotting leaves can harbor fungi, which can damage flower production.)

  • If your annuals begin to get out of bounds, do not be afraid to prune them hard. It will set them back for perhaps a week but will actually increase flowering 2 to 3 weeks down the road.

Fall Maintenance:

  • After flowers are finished in the fall (after the frost), foliage should be trimmed to the ground.

NOTE: To extend the seasonal color deep into the fall, annuals can be replaced with mums.

  • Tropical plants can be brought indoors through the winter. They should be potted, placed in a sunny room and cared for similarly to houseplants.
  • Pots should be brought indoors to keep them from cracking. Paragon offers the service of storing your pots over the winter.

NOTE: Your pots are a big investment; take care of them.

If you have questions about your landscape, please call us at 260- 627-8342.

ENJOY your flowers!!!