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Paragon looks for potential employees who will flourish in our learning environment. We encourage our team members to look for opportunities to learn new skills and share their knowledge with each other. As a company, we are committed to continual improvement and we expect the same from each of our crewmembers.

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In keeping with our company’s Golden Rule philosophy, we believe in giving a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Every relationship at Paragon – whether between employees or with customers – requires collaboration, deep trust, mutual respect and a willingness to understand other people’s perspectives.

Values matter at Paragon. They set us apart from our competitors and they drive every decision we make. To stay true to these values, we hold a weekly, company-wide meeting to promote Core Value Thinking. We call it our Pulse Meeting, because our values are the heartbeat that keeps our business alive and thriving.

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Please Note: Paragon Landscape, Inc, is located in northeast Indiana, and services the northern half of the state, the lakes area and adjacent portions of Ohio and Michigan.

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